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reach kids & teens

  • tech-savvy kids and teens interested in online shopping

  • early adopters of products and technologies

  • smart, talented kids who seriously pursue their hobbies

  • leaders in their peer groups in purchases and activities

Cyberkids and Cyberteens were the first community sites designed specifically for kids and teens. As an advertiser, you benefit from the loyalty which we've earned by being associated with a brand that kids have known and subscribed to over the past four years.

While the industry standard click-through rate is about 1%, Cyberkids and Cyberteens advertisers are continuously seeing click-through rates of 3% or more on our sites.


The mission & focus of our sites...

is to build the leading online communities for kids and teens where they can

  • showcase their creative work

  • connect with peers

  • play family-oriented interactive games

  • enter creative and educational contests

Here's what parents & kids say:
"Thanx! This is a great web site that I enjoy very much! Continue the good work!!"
-A very satisfied teen

"I personally feel these contests are great for kids. I compliment you all on the time and energy it takes to conduct such an endeavour."
-Frank Iusi
"I just wanted to say thanks for the nice place my kids can go to and I don't have to worry and they have a blast... good job!"
-Kathleen Wallace

"Hi, just a note to let you know you have a great site. As a mom, I'm always looking for sites I can guide my sons to."
-Kim Meeks

Natural connections to goods & services...

abound, our visitors pursue their interests aggressively and aren't afraid to make online purchases.
They are interested in:
  • art supplies
  • beauty and skin care products
  • clothing
  • computer products
  • music cds & concerts
  • software
  • sporting equipment
  • toys and games
  • videos
  • web services

Gender   Gender  
Female 58% Female 62%
Male 42% Male 38%
Age   Age  
Under 7 3% Under 13 5%
7-9 20% 13-15 66%
10-12 61% 16-18 28%
13-18 11% over 18 1%
over 18 5%  
Country   Country  
US 80% US 75%
Canada 8% Canada 9%
Australia/NZ 4% Australia/NZ 4%
Other 8% Other 12%

More than 8% were referred by a parent to Cyberkids. 83% asked to be included in our Cyberkids mailing list.

Source: Cyberkids Connection registration data

In a survey of Cyberteens registrants, 32% who responded said they have made online purchases, and 62% said they plan to make purchases online.

Source: Cyberteens Connection registration data & online shopping survey

editorial content

  • is carefully segmented by age and interest areas

  • features user-centric creativity forums, including:
    • "Zeen" and "Kidzeen" magazines featuring articles, stories and poems by young writers
    • galleries showcasing young artists' work
    • games and puzzles

  • designed by kids and teens

  • includes the #1 online message boards for kids and teens, where ads can be targeted by subject

  • includes Shockwave games by top developers

  • features a "Launchpad" of links to other sites, categorized by subject

  • includes "Contest Zone", containing info on creativity contests for young people

  • includes award-winning "Young Composers" - the only site of its kind, featuring original music by young people (ads on this site purchased separately)



"Cyberkids has performed phenomenally for us. One of our current campaigns is for a very large corporate client with a new ecommerce site targeted at parents interested in quality educational toys. Both the banner click-through rates and the cost per click have been excellent compared to other family and kids sites."
-Randy Schwartz, Media Planner, IN2

"Cyberkids and Cyberteens helped us execute a major multi-level promotion that got results, generating high click-through traffic to our site and customer excitement about our new product."
-Jeffrey Nuzzi, DreamWorks Interactive

"I think you put together a great campaign on Cyberkids for Disney's Daily Blast!"
-Greg Reichert, I-Traffic

Contest Sponsors:

"We chose to work with Cyberkids and Cyberteens because the content is cleanly divided. We knew that we were hitting our target market without buying adjacent markets that we didn't need."
-Karen Pettit,
Education Marketing Mgr., Compaq

"It is so obvious when you compare Cyberkids and Cyberteens to other sites for kids that the difference is in the authorship...We sponsor creativity contests on these sites because we know we reach a creative, engaged young audience."
-Lynn Christensen, PR Director,
Brøderbund Software, Inc

"Awesome online kids magazine, chat area and forum for kids, and launchpad for other web sites make this site a must for all browsers... A terrific use of the medium... Definitely look this one up."
-Cara J. Copperman, iGuide

"Cyberkids packs fiction and artwork by teens and children, Shockwave animation shorts, games and bulletin board services into clean, warm displays. The short stories and articles are funny, honest, and told from a kids perspective... 4 stars."


"Community is flourishing at Cyberteens. Utterly delicious, sophisticated and savvy,"
-C/Net's Best of the Web

"Very imaginative and fantasia-like,"
-The New York Times

Young Composers:

"A sighting like this couldn't be done in any other medium. It makes you feel good about the web."
--G.David & T.Martin, Project Cool Award



"4 star site (highest rating)," Magellan
"Top 200 on Planet," 2ask Best of Web Award
"Top Pick," Microsoft Magazine
"Outstanding," Webcrawler Select
"Site To Visit," Teen Magazine, 1997
"Dynamite Site of the Night," NetZone, 1996
"Thumbs Up Award," Teenagers Circle (Malaysia)
Macromedia Shocked Site of the Day Macromedia Inc.
CLICK Cool Site CLICK, 1996 and 1998
Top 100 Educational Web Site The Education Source, 1999
StudyWeb Excellence Award StudyWeb, 1999


advertising opportunities

Site Statistics

Registered "subscribers"

Our list of registered visitors has doubled each year. We earn unusually strong customer loyalty, as demonstrated by the growing list of registrants. Registered visitors help us obtain precise demographic data on each site's population as well as enable "push" marketing through regular two-way contact.

Monthly cirulation (based on January 1999 analysis)

Quantity per month cyberkids cyberteens
             Page views: entire site          2.6 million         1.1 million
             Page views: home page          591,000         56,000
             Estimated number of visitors*          102,000         38,000
             Estimated number of visits*          160,000         68,000

*These are conservative estimates due to the difficulty of identifying AOL and Prodigy users

cutting edge cross promotions

  • Sponsor buttons

  • Banner ads in these top areas
    • homepages
    • messageboards
    • games
    • launchpad
    • art galleries
    • Shockwave movies
    • e-zines
    • contest zone

  • Daily sweepstakes
    • Major promotions that involve daily banner ads and a full page ad are integrated throughout one or both of the sites; visitors automatically register for the weekly drawing of advertisers prizes. Winners' names are posted in the Winners Circle each week for a period of six weeks.

  • Annual writing, art, and multimedia contest sponsorships
    • Each year, we host major contests for kids and teens, including an international writing and art contest and an international multimedia contest, inspiring participation through impressive prizes and the potential for Web fame. Prizes have included flagship products from Compaq, Apple, Wacom, Br┐derbund, Hewlett Packard, etc. Sponsors covet spots in the Contest Zone, where multiple full-page contest ads garner heavy traffic for eight straight months.
ad rates
**We're often running promotions and pricing specials, so please call or email for the most current rates.

"Cyberkids has performed phenomenally for us... Both the banner click-through rates and the cost per click have been excellent compared to other family and kid sites."
-Randy Schwartz, Media Planner, IN2

cyberkids, cyberteens & young composers requirements

Deadlines for creative
image ad: 2 days prior to run date
rich media ad: 3 days prior to run date
sponsorship: 30 days prior to run date

Banner ad specifications
banner sizes: 468 x 60 pixels, 15K maximum file size, 120 x 90, 8K max file size
banner image: JPEG, GIF, GIF 89, web-safe colors
interactive banners: Shockwave, Java, HTML, call for details
number of creatives: no limit

Tracking reports

  • view statistics on your campaign at any time, using a Web browser
  • receive reports by fax weekly upon request
Long-term sponsorship of branded content in key site area plus home page link:
  • pricing and terms vary depending on advertiser needs - call for more info
  • game sponsorships are available for games in the Cyberkids & Cyberteens game arcades - call for pricing
Publisher reserves the right to refuse, at its sole discretion, any advertising.

The ad offer is conditional upon Able Minds, the publisher of Cyberkids and Cyberteens, approving any prospective ad, and any centralized serving system advertiser proposes to use, to ensure that it is appropriate for the site(s). Able Minds reserves the right to refuse, at its sole discretion, any advertising. These rates and terms are subject to change without notice. We have a variety of creative ways to assist you in meeting your advertising goals and budget and look forward to discussing your unique advertising needs further.


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